Panda Garage Original Parts

Panda Garage products

PG type I 350mm

Genuine leather, red stich, limited edition 2010 PG type I steering wheel.

PG type II 350mm

Genuine leather, offest wheels, perfect for rally or drift.

PG Licenses plate frames

Represent for your number 1 import shop with our custom licenses plate frames

Panda Garage Stickers

I Love Panda Garage stickers
Various colors

Panda Garage Bucket seats

Track Master

Our Tradition Fiberglass reinforced Bucket seat. Perfect for all track events with it's upright seating position. Like all of our seats has 3" holes to fit any 5 point harnesses. Waist: 13"

Track Master Wide

A wider version of our popular Track Master. Same build quality and reinforcements. Seating position is the same. Waist: 15"


Circuit Master

For our more hardcore enthusiasts, the Circuit seat is back with better design and build quality. Designed solely for racing these seats will help you stay focused when you need it the most. Waist: 12.5"


Grip Master

Designed for tight fitting cars, ie. Miata, S2000. The Grip master is sure to deliver for those seeking maximum hold through those tight turns. A suede like material accents this seat along with Sparkly shell. Waist: 13"

Touge Master

With street use in mind, the Touge features a larger back pad and a more cupped driving position. Also a new design for the over lay has been implemented to ensure durability for street use. Waist: 12.5"

Touring Master

Our top of the line seat features a reclinable bucket seat. Red stitching accent both pieces along with our Sparkled shell. Set up for bottom mount use. This seat will not disappoint. Waist: 14"

Panda Garage Quick Release Hubs

Both our quick release systems will fit any aftermarket 6 bolt steering wheel
(Nardi, Nismo, Personal, Momo, OMP, Sparco, etc.)

Ball Lock Quick Release

The quick release joint in this system consists of a number of ball bearings with memory lock location to keep the steering wheel locked and in place.

Spline Quick Release

The quick release uses splines to keep the steering wheel in place and small bearings to keep the steering wheel locked.


Miscellaneous New Parts

Extend Wheel studs

For Nissan 240sx SE front only (5 lug). A great alternative to the costly Nismo long studs. Can be used with spacers up to 20mm thick.
$4 each

Honda Lug nuts

12x1.5 lug nuts fitment for Honda.

Muteki - $45
Drag - $35

Various Hyper White Bulbs

Hyper White Headlight bulbs, blue & white indicator bulbs
Many applications available

Headlights - $15
Indicators - $10